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Die-cut Double Sided Polyester Tape(Red Liner)

-Double Sided PET Acrylic Tape Thickness(mm): 0.055mm | 0.06mm | Custom

- Liner Thickness: 50mic | 75mic | Custom

- Shape: Dots | Discs | Custom

- Color: Transparent

- Core Diameter: 76mm | Custom

- Sample: Free-offer


Product Description         

Double Sided Polyester Tape(Red Liner) are made from polyester film with double side coated acrylic adhesive.

Product Features             

*BEST STICKINESS – Our tapes stick and hold well not only on rough surfaces and non- tough surfaces but also on smooth surfaces. Work well on kinds of texture material, such as paper, cloth, wood, foam, tipping paper, glass, metal, plastic, polystyrene foam, and so on. You also can remove Double Sided Tape easily without residue after a long time of adhesion.

*UNIQUE FEATURES – Adhesive well under high temperature and low-temperature conditions, strong stick, great humidity performance (Long term temperature resistance: 100℃. Short term temperature resistance: 150℃). Strong stick, great humidity performance, heavy dusty, for digital repair, it has high peel strength, high initial adhesion with adhesive strength.

*SATISFACTION QUALITY - We have great confidence in the product, are Responsible for customers, Design with heart, make products with love, High quality makes Tape ultra high strength, well-holding power, aging resistance, heat resistance.

Why Choose Our Company    

-First of all, we are a professional manufacturer, with 16 years of production experience, has a huge advantage in price and quality.

-Secondly, we have a large number of customers and fast transportation channels to ensure the timeliness of customers receiving goods.

-Finally, we can provide quality assurance services for each customer, if there is a quality problem, free return.