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Die-cut PTFE Glass Cloth Tape

- Thickness(mm): 0.13mm | 0.16mm | 0.18mm | 0.2mm | 0.25mm | Custom

- Liner Thickness: 50mic | 75mic | Custom

- Shape: Dots | Discs | Custom

- Color: Brown | White | Black

- Sample: Free-offer


Product Description         

Die-cut PTFE Glass Cloth Tape come with a high-quality silicone adhesive for outstanding performance. The PFTE coating provides optimal release, dimensional stability and outstanding heat resistance (silicone, 500° F). PTFE adhesive tapes have low friction and function well as electrical insulation.(Tape can be supplied with or without liner.)

Product Features                        

• Good Sticky Surface

• High Tensile

• High-Temperature Resistance

Product Applications       

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