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Double Sided Fabrics Tape

- Total Thickness(mm): 0.28mm | Custom

- Width: Cut from 1mm to 1020mm | Custom

- Length: 30m | Custom

- Color: White | Yellow

- Core Diameter: 76mm | Custom

- Sample: Free-offer


Product Description         

Double Sided Fabrics Tape is made from cotton fabrics with double side coated hot melt adhesive.

Product Specification       

Product No:
Base Material:Adhesive:Thickness:Specification:
XH-DSF280Cotton FabricsHot Melt Glue280micronsDownload

We are professsional manufacturer

The size(Thickness / Width / Length)  are available upon  request

Product Features               

*280Microns thickness, more thicker, more stronger adhesive

*High tensile strength is perfect for bundling, reinforcing, and palletizing

*Weatherproof, moist resistant, UV and temperature resistant, suitable for most repairs

*Special formulated to adhere to variety of surfaces: wood, plastic, metal, fiberboard, etc

*Ideal for maintenance, wrapping, sealing, fixing, patching and protecting

Product Applications       

Double Sided Fabrics Tape

Product Customization        

Double Side Fabrics TapeDouble Side Fabrics TapeDouble Side Fabrics Tape

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