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Double Sided Kapton Tape

- Tape Thickness(mm): 0.1mm | 0.15mm | 0.2mm | Custom

- Liner Thickness: 0.05mm | Custom

- Width: Cut from 1mm to 500mm | Custom

- Length: 10m | Custom

- Color: Amber

- Core Diameter: 76mm | Custom

- Sample: Free-offer


Product Description          

Double Sided Kapton Tape are made from polyimide film with Double sided coated silicone adhesive. They have been used in applications at temperatures as low as -73°C(-99°F) and as high as 260°C(500°F) and won't leave color.

Double Sided Kapton Tape shows excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistant, and excellent solvent resistant. Durable backing with high temperature silicone adhesive allows for easy clean removal after exposing to heat.

Product Specification       

Product No:
Base Material:Adhesive:Thickness:Specification:
XH-25100DKPolyimide FilmSilicone Glue100micronsDownload
XH-50150DKPolyimide FilmSilicone Glue150micronsDownload
XH-75200DKPolyimide FilmSilicone Glue200micronsDownload

We are professsional manufacturer

The size(Thickness / Width / Length) are available upon request

Product Features                          

*A wide temperature range as low as -73°C(-99°F) and as high as 260°C (500°F).

*Silicone adheisve on both side, clean removal, no residues.

*Flexible for using.

*High strength backing resistant to puncture and tear.

*Flame retardant, chemical and radiation resistant.

Product Customization      

Double sided polyimide tapeDouble sided polyimide tapeDouble sided polyimide tapeDouble sided polyimide tape log roll

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