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Polyester Cloth Tape

- Total Thickness(mm): 0.2mm | Custom

- Size: 19mm*20m | Custom

- Color: Black

- Core Diameter: 38mm | Custom

- Sample: Free-offer


Product Description         

Polyester Cloth Tape is high quality Polyester Cloth of high media resistance, in combination with a strong rubber adhesive.

Product Specification       

Product No:
Base Material:Adhesive:Thickness:Specification:
XH-PCT300Polyester ClothRubber Glue300micronsDownload

We are professsional manufacturer

The size(Thickness / Width / Length)  are available upon  request

Product Features             

*Suitable for the use of internal wiring harness of automobiles and can reduce the noise.

*This tape has a high adhesive force, corrosion-resistant, flame retardant,anti-wear resistance, is a kind of better insulation tape.

*Widely used in automotive industry wire harness winding, car navigation, audio link line and so on.

*The wiring harness tape is made of high quality flannel material, waterproof,anti aging and temperature resistance.

*It is hand tearable when you wind the wire harness, convenient and efficient.

Product Applications       

Wiring Harness Cloth Tape

Product Customization                

Wiring Harness Cloth TapeWiring Harness Cloth TapeWiring Harness Cloth Tape

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-First of all, we are a professional manufacturer, with 16 years of production experience, has a huge advantage in price and quality.

-Secondly, we have a large number of customers and fast transportation channels to ensure the timeliness of customers receiving goods.

-Finally, we can provide quality assurance services for each customer, if there is a quality problem, free return.




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